How to unlock and use your deal

Every month we negotiate secret prices with expert local Tradespeople. To access them simply unlock your home's deal. Once it's unlocked everyone can use it until expiry

Step 1

Unlock your home's Tradesperson deal

To unlock your home's exclusive tradesperson deal go to Deals To Unlock or just tap the relevant unlock message

Step 2

Use your deal

Everyone you live with can use the deal. Just go to Unlocked Deals and find the deal you want to use.

Step 3

See the experts

From plumber to carpenters just tap Get a Quote to see our experts for your postcode. They're all ready to Whoop! You Happy with an exclusive price

Step 4

Be Whoop!'d Happy

Select a Tradesperson and when their quote arrives just tap their Whoop! Button to lower the price. It's all very simple